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Some Thoughts on Truth

It was the movie Matrix that raised a question to me- “Are we real?”  I had never thought of the possibility that the world we see can be just a programmed illusion. This question has been in my mind for years after I saw the movie. There have been several points at which I made some progress in understanding the question and finding a more convincing solution. After I took the Introductory Philosophy class, I came to realize that this has been a major philosophical question for centuries. Many philosophers have already thought about these questions and found different answers. A basic understanding of the philosophical debate on "reality" or "truth" leads to more and more other debates like the debate of free will versus determinism. Right now, I am trying to focus solely on truth, and document some of the ideas that have been going on in my mind for years. Personally, I believe that it is possible to know the ultimate truth, the exact description of how things a…