Some Thoughts on Truth

It was the movie Matrix that raised a question to me- “Are we real?”  I had never thought of the possibility that the world we see can be just a programmed illusion. This question has been in my mind for years after I saw the movie. There have been several points at which I made some progress in understanding the question and finding a more convincing solution. After I took the Introductory Philosophy class, I came to realize that this has been a major philosophical question for centuries. Many philosophers have already thought about these questions and found different answers. A basic understanding of the philosophical debate on "reality" or "truth" leads to more and more other debates like the debate of free will versus determinism. Right now, I am trying to focus solely on truth, and document some of the ideas that have been going on in my mind for years. Personally, I believe that it is possible to know the ultimate truth, the exact description of how things a…

Into America

Whenever I check my news feed on Facebook these days, I can see a plethora of Dipawali- photos. In these photos, some friends are playing Deusi- Bhailo, some are decorating their houses and some are playing cards. I can totally feel how the atmosphere of Nepal is right now. When I remember Tihar, vibrant lights, sparkling fireworks, vivacious Deusi- Bhailo and my lovely sisters come to my mind, and take me back in time to the past Tihars. But this time, these are just the moments from my memory. Very few people in New Orleans know about Tihar. There are lights everywhere, but these lights are not the lights of Dipawali. Even the dimmest light that enlightens the world, used to living in the darkness rest of the year, is special. So, these light are not the most special ones, at least for me.
     Not only Dipawali, but also a lot of other Nepalese occasions, people and food have been just a part of my memory after I came to United States. Nevertheless, this place is no less than a…